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The Contribution of Canadian Law to International Mining Arbitration


Our colleague Eric Bédard, in collaboration with Dina Prokic, has authored a chapter in the first edition of GAR’s The Guide to Mining Arbitrations, regarding the specifics of Canadian Law in mining disputes and entitled ‘‘The Contribution of Canadian Law to International Mining Arbitration’’. The Guide provides practical guidance from practitioners having acted in this industry in numerous international arbitrations between private parties under the ICC for example or between private entities and a state in a NAFTA dispute in other instance.

Using concrete examples, the Guide demystifies the inherent complexity of mining disputes connecting public and private entities operating under different legal frameworks to capital-intensive transactions and complex projects. Ultimately, it is a clear indication of how international arbitration has become a dispute resolution mechanism of choice for both energy and mining disputes.

To access Woods’ chapter in the Guide, please click here.

The whole publication is available at here.